With under a week to go before the trial of three Tampa lawyers surprising new evidence has surfaced. The allegation being that they orchestrated a DUI check set up. As to whether the DUI check can be used is now igniting debate. A recording of Melissa Personius is central to the dispute. The video reportedly has Personius confessing to framing a rival attorney in early 2013 by way of a DUI check (Philip Campbell). Personius’ law firm and Campbell’s were locked within a torrid defamation lawsuit of two clients.

The video is not publicly available however recent court records confirms it’s existence. Also that Florida Bar attorneys may rely on it for disciplinary actions against Adam Filthaut, Stephen Diaco and Robert Adams.

The alleged framing was filed by Personius ex Kristopher Personius. It confirms on January 23rd after returning home late (night Campbell was arrested) she was recorded by Mr Personius. A mobile phone was used to make the recording of the scheme engineered by Personius and her immediate bosses. In the recording Peronius enters in to significant detail over the plot to set the DUI check up.

After a year Mr Personius handed the FBI the video. The FBI are investigating Adams & Diaco lawyers. Mr Personius had advised he didn’t hand the tape over prior due to concerns over retaliation. Melissa Personius had previously warned him.

The events leading to Campbell’s DUI check set-up began on a normal day post work asserted by the bar. Campbell visited a Tampa steak house. Witnesses then say Personius flirted with Campbell and lied about her employment. Giving an alternative Tampa law firm.

Phone records later confirmed multiple texts and calls between Personius and her bosses. In turn calling and texting each other. Personius was then driven home by Campbell when he was stopped by Police officer Sgt Ray Fernandez. Court records also confirm that Filthaut (Adams & Diaco attorney) and Fernandez had engaged in numerous emails and calls that evening.

The version of events have been disputed and they have continually said that they never conspired to get Campbell arrested.

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