Around twenty democrats are calling for a social media background check to be included within visa applications. Should foreign immigrants be subjected to a social media background check to determine potential terrorist links. The democrats wrote to the DoHS on Tuesday demanding more stringent background check policy for visa applicants.

Further requests were made over the current background check screening process. The letter follows assertions over the female shooter involved in San Bernardino. Further that she expressed, on social media, terrorist support on social media. This prior to her accomplice (fiancé) submitted a K-1 visa application for her. Part of the letter also urges prioritising a social media background check as critical to security. Also as a primary consideration for bilateral relationships with world nations. The letter continues “a more robust social media background check process for all visitors and immigrants to the United States.”

ABC News had reported earlier in the week over a covert U.S. policy. It prohibited officials from trawling through social media for individual’s visa applications. This confirmed by a DoHS former employee. A spokes person for the DoHS advised that in fall 2014 a dry run was initiated inclusive social media within the vetting process.

It is believed that the use of the social media background check is applied inconsistently and should be applied unilaterally. Further that the policy should be implemented without further delay. When was a more stringent background check criteria planned. Did the DoHS face technical issues and/or resource issues. Were there any existing social media background check processes currently for visa applicants. If there were could the department clarify the process.

The letter concluded that working together was conducive and productive to protecting U.S. citizens ultimately. That a consistent and more holistic social media background check process be implemented. Applied without exception to all immigrants and visitors to the U.S.

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