Detroit suffers over 3,000 sex offenders, these registered offenders live in neighborhoods with close proximity to Detroit schools and who harass minors and children. One offender (living near Brenda Scott Academy (East Side)) was reported to continually approach students while they were passing. The volunteer Patrol (MAN Network) founder Bishop Tony Russell, has huge concerns.

When the sex offender was seen talking to a child a volunteer would make their presence known while also calling for back up as a show of force. He was later identified by police as a registered sex offender and he was duly questioned. Volunteers remain constantly vigilant.

However not all those registered as sex offenders are pedophiles. State law requires that those who have committed a range of sex crimes be registered. This inclusive consensual sex with under age partners. Critics put forward that the register does very little for public protection owing to the vagaries and broad remit of the register. Sex offenders within Detroit neighborhoods concerns patrol volunteers and parents alike.

Abandoned buildings are also another concern on the radar, however abandoned homes and sex offenders contrive for a worrying combination and volunteers are diligent at all times. Figures also fluctuate daily within the State database. This being when sex offenders get arrested, move or die.

Taking one week day the database had 82 registered sex offenders listed and within one mile of Cody. Expanding the radius two miles 299 sex offenders are listed. Eighty four offenders are listed within 1 mile of Denby, when the net is cast to 2 miles there are 327. Osborn has 64 offenders within a mile and 288 within 2. However suburban schools have far fewer sex offenders near their schools:

Warren Lincoln High School – 207 within 2 miles.
Mt. Clemens High – 202 within 2 miles
Pontiac Northern – has 174 within 2 miles.
Southfield High (59)
Livonia Stevenson (17)
Dearborn Fordson (136)

Sex offenders are prohibited by State law to live, work or loiter within 1000′ of schools. However in April it was ruled that the 1000′ rule unconstitutionally vague i.e. from what point should the 1000′ be measured. The rules did not provide a comprehensive guideline to law enforcement and registrants. It is hoped that legislators will bring much needed clarity to the law, amendments are being worked on currently.