Sex offenders are still using Facebook and creating profiles irrespective that they are banned by Facebook from using the site. These are clearly detailed in it’s terms of service. However there are no restrictions in New Mexico as to social media being used by sex offenders. discovered individuals using Facebook One a 26 yr old who was a registered sex offender and served time for possession of pornography featuring minors. One of several to have a facebook profile. The 26 year old claimed it was the first question he asked when leaving prison and was advised that there was nothing against it.

New Mexico law says he’s right. Facebook does not police their site but relies on Facebook members to police the site and to report sex offenders. The 26 year old understood why sex offenders would be targeting Facebook.

Grey areas exist while the 26 year old has removed his profile. The 26 year old, in mitigation, did advise that there are out of state friends that are difficult to contact and are invariably on Facebook.

All sex offenders are required to provide their social network profiles to their case workers advised The New Mexico Department of Public Safety. These details are then forwarded on to the respective local law enforcement to liaise with Facebook.

A law introduced in mid 2013 in New Mexico required all sex offenders to be registered. Thus closing the loophole that allowed sex offenders and predators to keep themselves hidden. New Mexico introduced a site detailing all sex offenders in order that parents know who is in proximity to their children. An email alert service was also made available.

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