Oregon lawmakers are set for its’ mandate’s last review for firearms background checks. The measure applies to more or less all fire arms transfers. The “Oregon Firearms Safety Act,” was introduced in March and passed senate (Oregon) by a majority 17-13 vote. This led to a public hearing lasting 9 hours before a house committee ending with a 5-4 vote to advance towards a floor vote.

The bill SB941 would require all private gun sales taking place through firearms dealers who were licensed with the responsibility of performing background checks. This is heading, imminently, for a final vote. Much pressure is being put on House Law Makers to sway their votes.

Everytown for gun safety commented that the final vote is going to be close to close the background check loophole. Alongside Moms Demand Action Everytown contends up to 81% of Oregan residents are in favour of more background checks.

If SB 941 is enacted individuals would be required to go before arms dealers requesting a criminal background check prior to transfer of a firearm. Transfers encompass (not limited to) gifts, leases, loans and sales. Failure to comply could result in strong penalties and potentially the loss of an individual’s right to bear arms.

If the floor vote on Monday is successful. SB 941 progresses to Democratic Gov. Kate Brown who’s supportive of broadening background checks. Should it become law Oregon becomes the 8th state mandates Brady Checks for the majority of private gun sales. Five states have been running with the practice since 2012.