Probate tools such as power of attorney, trusts, wills and guardianship are being used to insinuate their way in to elder property and assets and with the sole purpose of achieving control. While redistribution of wealth may well be more closely defined with socialism the term takes on a more sinister twist when considering increasing activities, largely unreported, targeting the elderly and immediate families. How ironic to consider another term associated with redistribution of wealth such as ‘social mechanism’ but perhaps the most apt word being ‘confiscation’ and/or nothing short of.

Retired LAPD officer, Chayo Reyes, specializing in elder abuse and fraud quotes “The ‘Greatest Generation’ is the greatest generation to exploit’. Probate seemingly appears to be above and beyond the law. From probate judges to probate clerks and attorneys the land of probate truly offers rich pickings. The DVD Saving our parents features real life events and is a wake up call that should be resonating the length and breadth of America.

Why the peddlers of probate misery carry on with relative impunity must surely be seen as a serious failing for administrations past and present. The DVD exposes scams and the vultures who prey on elders and the message will both motivate and empower. While the mention of IRA (Irish Republican Army) struck fear in to the English prior to The Good Friday agreement in 1998 so should IRA (involuntary redistribution of assets ) bring as much consternation and fear in to the hearts and homes of Americans who truly care about their elderly parents and loved ones. Irrespective that family members may well be IRA perpetrators.

With relation to the “Opportunity Knocks” exploitative approach the avenues are endless but herewith is a list (not exhaustive or restricted to) of potential ‘credible’ and ‘respectable’ targets:

1) Lectures that are government sponsored (NB: departments and/or agencies who specialize in Elder Care.
2) Senior Centers
3) Homeowners’ associations and retirement communities
4) Assisted living centres, medical facilities, nursing homes.
5) Civic Groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis and so on)
6) Synagogues, churches
7) Support Groups (church sponsored and similar)
8) ‘Free’ consultations with “professionals” such as social workers, accountants, lawyers and caregivers.
9) Sales presentations and estate planning presentations and seminars. Be especially aware of ‘FREE’ food and refreshments.
10) Any outlet catering specifically for elders.

Be aware the veil of purported credibility and respectability comes in many guises. Anecdotal evidence that tells of probate judges who attend seminars at senior centers and other elderly community venues to all intents and purposes making available information to “Prepare today for future needs” guidance and information. To read the full article by Lou Ann Anderson please follow this link.

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