Allegations that a Denver Probate judge exhibited bigotry and a pro American bias is headed for the Colorado Court of Appeals. The girl (name withheld to protect privacy) is in receipt of a seven figure inheritance.
The probate judge also faces accusations of prejudice and discrimination. This alleged as a result of her removal from the motherly figure that has been in her life. The girl was born in the U.S. but raised mostly in Latvia (Dual Citizenship). Her wealthy father also had dual citizenship and post World War 2 had emigrated to Colorado. However when the Soviet Union fell he returned to Latvia. Early in 2015 both were on a visit to Denver when the father died after suffering a heart attack. The estate left to the daughter had a value of over 7 million dollars.

Probate along with both wills (in Latvia and Colorado) confirmed the child’s nanny (Edite Dusalijeva) as guardian. The girl referred to Dusalijeva as her mom. Since just after the mother’s death some years earlier the nanny had resided with both the father and the child. The father had also presented the nanny with an engagement ring. However the child’s adult half sister then became involved. Prior to the father’s death the child had only met the half sister twice. The half sister had no intentions of raising the child but had her own ideas over the child’s welfare. She proposed a young couple as guardians with an affiliation to the Latvian community. These proposed guardians lived in Highlands Ranch.

Court records hint that the father and the half sister were estranged. Further that the young couple only came in to contact with the child following the passing of the father. However, in Summer 2015, a ruling by a Denver Probate Court judge ruled in favor of the half sister. The probate judge thereafter issued a gag order. This gag order was lifted following a complaint by Dusalijeva’s attorney. The gagging order was seen as too far reaching and prohibited public comment. The appeal countered several aspects of the probate judges ruling. The contention is that the probate judge did not have jurisdiction to rule on the case and cited impropriety over consideration of the nanny’s age (early sixties). Further it was felt the judge favored the “young, energetic Americans” over “Foreign, Stern and Grandmotherly”.

The filing further takes issue over non expert opinions. That apparently the school system in Latvia falls some way short of the Colorado school system. The probate judge also declined to listen to testimony from a psychiatrist over the potential emotional harm separation would cause the child. The appeals process is likely to endure for several months. In which time the child must stay with the couple in Highlands Ranch. Further dilemma’s loom subject to the appeals court ruling. The nanny confirms that she is no more than pursuing the father’s wishes. For more information and history on the story please follow this link.

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