The Utah County Attorney’s Office may well bring criminal charges or sanctions against BYU Police. With this in mind local law enforcement may also consider action. This follows revelations that over an eighteen month period BYU Police carried out a police records check around 2300 times. This brought to light by a Public Access Request by The Daily Herald. The BYU Police Department used the Spillman system (county records management system) to access and interact with The Utah County Sherriff’s records and the Provo Police Department. The 2 agencies concerned over the levels of police records check activity. An investigation in to BYU police actions commenced in May and was announced in June. The data received by The Daily Herald does not detail what individuals retrieved information from the system and/or specific information.

A spokesman for the Provo Police Dept confirmed the Spillman system is in place to safeguard records. Other agencies can access records for legitimate reasons but why a neighboring agency required thousands of records remains difficult to understand. The reasoning or intention behind an unauthorized police records check is questionable as well the legality of that search. An illegal search using the Spillman facility may well be a cold search of a student. Possibly to see if a student has violated the honor code of the university. Nevertheless confirmed as not normal practice by a BYU spokesperson. BYU police are under investigation by the Dept. of Public Safety (Bureau of Investigation). In light of potentially violating sexual assault reporting.  Consequently the access to information along with dissemination of same by the department. The investigation subsequently reported to the relevant agencies and The Utah County Attorney’s Office.

BYU Police – Reports viewed from mobile and desktop

The investigation confirmed as directly in response to BYU’s Police use of Spillman. To summarize BYU University Police made 2,034 queries (3/2015 through 9/2016). Of these 2,034 records BYU university police viewed 1,483 from a desktop, used a mobile to view 122 records. A total of 315 new records were created. They further ran 99 specific searches and printed 14 records. For the full article please follow this link .