In this constantly evolving technological era, we often make use of wonderful inventions without pausing to understand the implications of their usage or the details associated with these facilities. For example, when Internet usage spread like wildfire, people did not realize how it could be misused against them, and the variety of fraudulent activities that could be performed through this remarkable invention. Similarly, the telephone, or rather, mobile phone, also brings to us great benefits, but we must understand the implication of cell phone records and usage, and how our conversations are not necessarily completely private.

To begin with, every citizen must understand that the government maintains a database of indexed and categorized telephone records, which include the maintenance of our phone records and cell phone records as well. Although the practice of storing information related to telephone conversations is not a very new or recent one, it has definitely become a lot more widespread and rigorous recently. With the advent of an era where terrorism and terrorist activities became the new threat to a government’s sovereignty and its people’s security, there has been an increase in the tracking of information through phone records. Governments generally track down our caller ids, the numbers we dial and receive calls from, the durations of our various calls, and a lot more.

Furthermore, our cellular companies keep track of our phone records online, which, we can fortunately access through a certain procedure. In order to access information related to our cal history, one needs to request his or her cellular company, and after we pass the verification tests, etc, the company should normally make the information available.

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Furthermore, our landline phone along with our cell phone records, as mentioned above, are also stored online, and therefore, we can conveniently gain access to these through our online accounts as well. Of course, the availability of this service or facility depends on every individual’s cellular company and the various services that it allows its customers to take benefit of.