Mark Belinky, convicted ex probate court judge, admitted to further crimes according to recent unsealed affidavits. Belinky admitted thefts of money, while a guardian, from individuals. Belinky further admitted tampering with probate documents to further facilitate theft. Bellinky also used a probate computer in Mahoning County to manufacture false probate records.

Information is from affidavits of a special agent working for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Ohio. Democrat Belinky resigned in March 2014 from his position as probate judge and thereafter pleaded guilty to the tampering of records 2 months later. Those records related to the failure to report expenditure, loans and contributions to his 2008 campaign fund. Due to his cooperation in the ongoing investigation of matters involving public corruption he has been allowed a plea to 1 offense. Unsealed documents state his admission to separate crimes

Belinky admitted to faking probate documents to conceal his thefts. He also used county and employees property (incl computers) for political gain. Affidavits further reveal locations of the execution of warrants. That being the information technologies department of the county, county court house auditor’s office, administration building, computer network facility at in Oakhill Renaissance Place.

Documents also discovered on seized computers also led prosecutors to the door of Sciortino. Charging him with 25 felonies within Mahoning and contending that he along with 3 auditors directed by him illegally made use of the county property around 300 occasions. The use of county owned property to raise funds for political ends and to keep himself in office and his private legal practice.

The computers were seized as part of Oakhill’s investigation (Cuyahoga County). The case accuses the Mayor of Youngstown John McNally, Yavorcik and Sciortino. Mcnally stands accused of being complicit within a criminal enterprise to stop or impede the relocation of the job and family services dept. from Garland plaza (Cafaro owned) to Oakhill. Ohio Valley Mall received $440k in rental from the county to accommodate the JFS.

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