Oregon has become the 8th state to initiate further reaching background checks for private gun sales. This includes internet transactions. The bill has now been signed in to law by Dem. Gov. Kate Brown. Unlicensed gun sellers were circumnavigating the Brady Law due to online sales and gun shows by private sellers. While licensed gun sellers had to carry out background checks and keep relevant records of purchases.

Guns sold in The United states with no background check run to 40%. According to The Brady Campaign (Since 1994) background checks have prevented over two million potential purchases by individuals who have been deemed to pose a risks to public safety. That being domestic abusers and felons.

Legislation was passed (Oregon) in 2000 requiring that background checks were done at gun shows. The existing loophole has now been closed. Background checks will also be required on all transfers within 90 days (with some exceptions). Certain exceptions prevail such as individuals who loan firearms and family members.

The NRA had successfully blocked reforms for years. This is a huge win for gun reform groups. Oregon now becomes the 6th state within the past 2 years to implement a background check on all gun sales. This following the Sandy Hook massacre where 26 perished. An initial background checks bill in April 2013 fell short due to opposition from the NRA. Only four republicans supported the bill.

Post Sandy Hook 5 additional states (New York, Washington, Delaware, Colorado and Connecticut) expanded their background checks inclusive all gun sales. Legislators continue to work at state level for the prevention of gun violence. The mid term elections in November 2014 saw Washington become the 7th state following the passing of Initiative 594 by residents. Prior to TheSandy Hook murders Rhode Island and California had both brought in background checks. There is now eighteen states requiring background checks for some (not all) gun purchases.

States that have brought in the more extensive background checks confirm that 46% less females have been murdered at the hands of intimate partners. There have also been 48% less gun related suicides. The same number applied to law enforcement officers murdered.

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