In an almighty blunder the Department of Corrections (New York City) have failed to carry out criminal background checks. These failed background checks number hundreds in total and should have been carried out on health care workers employed at Rikers Island from 2008.

However it has now come to light that reams of fingerprint cards that were provided to the somewhat beleaguered agency via Corizon Medical Health were allowed to pile up unattended in human resources. A source with hands on ‘snafu’ commented that the prints provided to the correction facility should have been processed.

Corizon officials relied on the criminal background checks from the city. Apparently the fingerprint cards have collected dust for possibly several years. The incredulous lapse within the security process is expected to be detailed in an imminent report by the commissioner for the Dept. of Investigation. The commissioner has been critical of Corizon for it’s sub standard vetting of potential employees.

Recently a clerk working for Corizon was apprehended carrying a razor in to prison. Only after a background check was carried out did it become clear that he had a rap for kidnap on his record. To compound matters a mental health clinician whose card had also been sat waiting to be processed was apprehended carrying contraband in to the jail.
Corizon commented that it was, in fact, The Dept. of Correction who had been taking their eye off the ball. The Dept. of Correction is solely responsible for carrying out criminal background checks concerning all Corizon Health staff in Rikers Island.

Corizon is under a 3 year contract worth $126 million. Even after flagging the finger print foul up it took a further 8 months for The Deptartment of Correction to work through the backlog. Sources have commented that the debacle has has led to the director of Human Resources retiring from his $165,000 post. The city are looking to terminate it’s relationship with Corizon in December when it’s contract expires.

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