COLUMBUS: The criminal records in relation to previous Marijuana convictions may well be expunged following a written petition from 24th June from ‘Responsible Ohio’. The Attorney (Ohio) General’s Office has certified this petition (one thousand valid signatures) along with the votes of registered Ohio residents. The Fresh Act is now an initiated statute with an objective towards expungement of criminal records.

For individuals with criminal records for marijuana this petition is welcome. The expungement and review brought about by the “Fresh Start Act” renders this crime, post amendment process, not illegal. The written petition is also a “fair and truthful” account of that proposed law. As put forward in the Ohio Attorney’s letter of certification.

Once signatures are certified along with summary language thereafter it must be determined as to whether the proposal contains multiple laws or a single law. For each law from the registered voters petitioners must collect signatures in 44 out of 88 Ohio counties and/or equal to 1.5% percent of the counties total votes for governor’s office at the most recent in the total vote cast in the county for the office of governor at the last gubernatorial election. Other criteria also apply relevant to 3% of total vote for governor’s office.

The director of Responsible Ohio has stated that 60% of Ohio residents support personal use of the drug. This is now viewed widely as a large business enterprise. In Ohio statistics and data point to $554 million finding it’s way back in to the community of Ohio. If the amendment is passed marijuana production would be restricted to 10 sites within Ohio. This is projected to 300 jobs with revenue generated for the area around $1.6 million. This represents huge leaps forward not only legally but for the community and individuals with the potential of their criminal records profile.

Thousands of Ohio residents now have an opportunity, from 10 groves, to run their own enterprises. Responsible Ohio have argued that the medical and economic benefits of marijuana legalization are much more helpful to the community than harmful. However some opponents cite economic greed as a determining factor and are any possible consequences being confronted head on. ResponsibleOhio however has received 305,000 signatures to see the 2015 ballot.

The sequel to the amendment is the clean slate in relation to individuals criminal records. These individuals can then enjoy and look forward to the future knowing that they will be on a level playing field with all other job applicants.

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