AUGUSTA-The first steps have been taken by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, a Maine group, who hope that every gun sale will require a background check. The petition has been launched towards a state wide ballot in 2016. Monday’s news release confirming the application for the collection of signatures. At the moment in Maine domestic abusers, felons and the dangerously mentally ill are able to purchase guns online, from gun shows and unlicensed sellers. Without any questions and anonymously. A federal law loophole requiring a criminal background check only for gun purchases from licensed dealers.

The group’s press release stated that the background check petition would resolve the loophole issue within Maine to ensure all transfers and sales are through licensed gun dealers which ensures a background check. Previous efforts in Maine over private sales have proved fruitless. In 2015 a bill was also rejected for a more stringent background check initiative for private sellers. Federal law makers in Maine have put forward their support to close the background check flaws.

Law makers have also rejected amendments to state law over those individuals with violent and serious mental health issues. In that they would be referred to the federal criminal background check system in a prompt manner. Gun safety groups have targeted Maine because of the states poor background check and reporting system. Among those involved with the petition are a Portland couple who’s daughter was shot and killed in 2010. The murder of Darien Richardson remains unsolved due, in part, to the gun being transferred at a gun show without a background check.

The first steps under Maine law to qualify the ballot initiative is to submit the application from 6 state residents to the secretary of state. Once cleared for circulation the action group have till January 22nd to obtain 61,123 valid signatories to qualify for the ballot in November 2016. statistically 88 Americans are murdered each day as a result of gun violence which includes children and women being murdered from domestic violence. States that have taken action against the loophole have seen on average 46% less women shot by their partners.

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