West Virginia: WV CARES Long term care background checks program seeks to establish effective, efficient and cost effective procedure for conducting long term care background checks. These checks to ensure those with direct access to patients and providers are fit and proper. The initiative is viewed as hugely important to the integrity of West Virginia’s elder care. The elder care facilities are accommodate around 12,000 residents and workers with direct access total around 18,000. The program was announced on August 5th and is to be phased in over a 6 month period as per the original press release

There have been two sides to the issue with one putting forward that it has not been flawless mindful of the FBI finger print based process can not be relied upon. Yet to date the long term care background checks program has weeded out 9 individuals as ineligible to work in long term care facilities. Three of those nine individuals were wanted in other U.S. states for various crimes. Before 2016 all long term care providers will be relied upon to have implemented the new screening process. By carrying out comprehensive long term care background checks on every prospective employee with direct access and further retaining finger prints for future reference. the program’s benefit will render it unnecessary for those working in West Virginia’s elderly care system to undergo further checks when they may switch employers.

Those providers within the WV Dept. of Health and Human Resources Long term care background checks include home health agencies, Hospices, residential care, adult day care, nursing homes, personal care, intermediate care. West Virginia is one of 26 states that are in receipt of funding from Medicare & Medicaid Services. This directly assists health departments state wide in enhancing long term care background checks for employees within the long term care industry. Applicants may be provisionally employed up to sixty days while fitness determination is pending. Such potential employees must, however, be monitored by an existing employee who has been cleared via both registry checks and the criminal background check.

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