As from July 1st  Indiana birth records prior to January 1st 1994 can now be accessed by adoptees thanks to a change in State law. Records can be requested via The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).  Indiana birth records for adoptees have been unavailable up until now. Adoption records pre January 1st 1994 had been closed automatically but subject to the birth parent’s consent. Legislation was originally signed back in 2016 (Senate Enrolled Act 91) and records are now open unless the parents (biological) file a non disclosure notice with ISDH. First sign up for the Indiana Adoption Matching Agency. Remember to fill out both forms 47896 and 47897. 47896 is the identifying consent form and 47897 is the non identifying consent form . It can take up to 16 weeks for the receipt of records from the State receiving ID and forms. However birth parents who wish to restrict their identifying information have to complete a “contact preference form” with ISDH.

Hoosier adoptees are also being helped by the Indiana Adoptee Network. They are pro actively assisting adoptees and helping them to build a base. They look through the Indiana birth records in case there may well be a no contact form registered by a birth parent. Adoptees are further helped with access to documentaries and books along with counsellors to talk to. Information adoptees receive can vary from county to county. If an adoption was through an adoption agency you are now allowed to access your file. Court documents are now going to show the birth mother’s name. Adoptees must then decide what avenue to go down. Do they also want DNA (paternal side). This long awaited information could pave the way for reunions.

The program is available to adoptive parents, adoptees, birth siblings, birth parents. relatives of deceased adoptees or birth parents. You have to be 18 to register and you must be 21 to obtain the information. You then need to return the aforementioned forms 47896 and 47897 together with copies of government/state issued photo identification. Both the birth parent and adoptee need to register for the release of identifying information. Adoptees need to be aware that birth parents can restrict the release of information (46392). Your photo identification along with your relevant form can be scanned and emailed ( to ISDH. Alternatively the form can be printed off and mailed to Indiana State Department of Health, ATTN: Indiana Matching Registry – Vital Records, 2 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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