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The short answer to ‘how long does a background check take’ is that there is no pre defined criteria or parameters. However, as a rule of thumb, most background checks take on average 3>5 working days. You can of course pre empt any doubts by carrying out your own background check in the above search fields. This may also alert you to any inconsistencies that may be registered against you. Also remember you are at the whim of whatever state the application refers to.

The positive spin is, of course, that an employer will only do a background check if they wish to pursue your application and are genuinely interested in you. Any length of time that you may be anxious over may well be where the employer has gone direct to the court house. There are around three thousand counties within the United States. Further there exists no central database of criminal records for all counties. Therefore how long does a background check take can be exacerbated if relevant counties need to be contacted individually.

Incidents and accidents that have happened in the past matter sometimes more than what is happening currently. These facts and figures tell us about the history and background of cases, events and people that we may be very much interested in. for example, when a bank decides to give out a loan to a third party, they will take a quick background check and see if the client has good credit payment profile.

Now the question that arises is for each and every person and how long does a background check take. Only you know how complicated and/or interesting your life has been, how rich and varied. Whether you’ve sailed close to the wind or whether you have a below the parapet under the radar approach to life. The time will also be impacted by the number of applicants and those shortlisted if the background check is more towards pre-employment screening.

An employer can take up to two weeks. Remember a background check can also take in employment verification and references, education and degrees, criminal background and these days even social media. Therefore assume between 3>14 working days so as not to be disappointed. This does come with a caveat as some court houses are soemwhat Dickensian and require you to visit them to have the file pulled.