Adversaries of the U.S. along with Chinese hackers are digging for background check files of powerful people. Among the companies targeted have been Keypoint and USIS along with the OPM (Office of Personnel Management). Also the information of certain individuals and family members can be found from undermining the data integrity of health insurance companies. After the records of 1000’s of federal workers were exposed background check provider USIS lost it’s OPM contract. The cyber attack enabled malware which took screen shots whenever background check software was in use.

Digital forensics company Stroz Friedberg wrote to USIS lawyers in 2014 advising that the attacks found their way in to the USIS network via a supplier. The cyber attack navigated to USIS through the 3rd party environment in to the network (USIS) by forcing a password within an application server. Once the server had been accessed by login a ‘malicious back door’ was installed giving access.

The exact motives to the USIS cyber attacks remain unclear. However experts conjecture that collating data on government officials may lead to blackmail, bribery or espionage recruitment.