Key state Senate along with Assembly committees passed 2 bills improving GPS monitoring of violent sex offenders. This was on the heels of the murders of 4 Orange County women. The bills now move closer to law. A further bill to increase incarceration for sex offenders disabling their GPS was also passed unanimously. A measure for a state wide GPS database being shared by all law enforcement also met approval from the Assembly public Safety Committee.

The proposals came about via 2 parolees (Anaheim) who twice removed their GPS and absconded. Subject to their final release (while wearing GPS monitors) the registered sex offenders stand accused of murdering the 4 women who were, at the time, working as prostitutes. It would become a felony for sex offenders to remove their GPS with prison terms upwards to three years.

Civil Rights Groups and The American Civil Liberties Union voiced opposition to the bill, citing on Tuesday current penalties were harsh enough and that sex offenders had the lowest count of relapses back in to offending. However statistically GPS violations rose following the state releasing sex offenders from prison.

At the request of the committee an amendment was accepted to righten the bill. Ensuring stricter penalties apply to those dangerous persons intentionally evading supervision to cause further harm. The measure (Called SB 722) applies to sex offenders who have been convicted of the most flagrant and serious sex crimes. To include the continual sexual abuse of a child, spousal rape and rape itself. The bill would create a state wide database collecting GPS devices data points. To be accessible by all law enforcement similar to how toll road information are accessed by Californian transport agencies.