A drunk driver who murdered a Lexington cyclist has been arrested on 3 previous occasions on DUI charges. The driver, according to court records, is also facing deportation proceedings. 29 year old Odilon Paz-Salvador from Mexico, reportedly hit Mark Hinkel, 57, while the Horsey Hundred cycling event was in full swing. Paz-Salvador drove on for a further 3 miles with the cyclist on the bed of his truck when Georgetown police caught up with him.

The driver is charged with aggravated driving under the influence. This, in 5 years, being one of 4 aggravated DUI charges. No driving licence record exists either for Paz-Salvador confirmed the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Records are destroyed after 5 years so there is no historical information to determine a licence previous.

Previous DUI charges include (July 2010), driving without a licence. The arresting officer saw Paz-Salvador alight the vehicle from the drivers side. Described as having bloodshot eyes, unsteady, smelling of alcohol and had uriinated himself. Paz-Salvador had consumed 12 beers with an alcohol level at 0.324, Kentucky’s limit is 0.08. These charges were later amended to a lesser charge (alcohol intoxication) as it was not proven he was the driver.

Arreested in April 2011 with DUI charges while also disregarding a stop sign. Having confessed to drinking 12 beers and his alcohol reading at 0.184 while also having 8 opened cans of Bud light. Paz-Salvador pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated DUI.

Arrested in June 2013 by Lexington on various charges of possession of open alcohol, DUI charges and without a licence. Pleading guilty this was a second conviction of of aggravated DUI charges. Paz-Salvador was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. However Paz-Salvador was released 8 days after posting bond. Deportation proceedings are now currently pending with The Federal Immigration court.

These most recent charges include murder, leaving the scene of an accident, wanton endangerment and failure to render aid. The victim (Hinkel), was a Lexington lawyer. Paz-Salvador had drunk 6 beers and also smoked marijuana. They also confirmed a cold beer was found in the cab of his vehicle. Bond was set at $100,000 due to concerns Paz=Salvador was a flight risk.

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