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Federal Inmate public records give us particulars and also the status of all those currently incarcerated.  Typically inmate records are readily available post 1982 but reports can vary from state to state. Many inmate records prior to 1982 are held within national archives but are being transferred in order to be made available electronically. Those charged with state crimes and who are unable to post bail are kept within a county jail facility. Those charged in respect of federal offenses can also be housed in county jail facilities while their case is pending. County jails are contracted by the federal government for this. Individuals can remain in a county gaol if convicted of state crimes or for more serious felonies can be moved to a state prison. Those convicted of a federal crime will be committed to a federal penitentiary or prison.

The results and information are from a vast database and you have unlimited searches available. Inmate records are very important for every state; hence the database is maintained by efficient law enforcement entities and/or any other suitable, appropriate or responsible person contracted or otherwise. Laws and sentencing will vary from state to state. For Federal inmate public records, court records and arrest records please use the above search fields. Only a first and last name (surname) are required along with the last known state or birth state and/or simply select ALL STATES. The search function will trawl local, state and/or federal correction agencies.

Please note that while most states will release a prisoner’s date of birth some states have now restricted this due to identity theft. The Arizona Department of Corrections for instance currently withhold an inmate’s date of birth. Inmates are allowed to receive their report once a year however pursuant to R.S. Section 31-221 (E) an inmate does not have access to any other inmate’s records save his own. If an inmate is found to be in possession of another inmate’s record that has been sent to him the report shall be considered as contraband. Those responsible will be liable under A.R.S section 13-2505 to prosecution. Promoting prison contraband is classed as a Class 5 felony and carries a possible two and a half years sentence in the Department of Corrections. Federal inmate public records are also maintained for what may well be viewed as a safety net for victims and their families and to promote public safety.

The information available will be the date of birth subject to the relevant states view on GDPR and identity theft but your initial search will present you with an approximate age. Remember if the county, state or federal facility has withheld an inmate’s date of birth this will be available under other references such as DUI Records (if applicable), warrants, arrest records, driving infractions and so on. Also widely available will be the inmate’s incarceration identification number (DOC number) along with the specific facility where the offender is held. Inmate records from State to State may also include those on probation or parole along with a list of felonies. Some Department of Correction centres will also hold names of individuals who have served their time and/or satisfied their sentence (Idaho DOC). State DOC centres may also hold the date the inmate was initially incarcerated along with the sentencing court that referred the individual to the prison. Further the penal code section that the inmate was convicted over. The prisoner’s scheduled release date (if applicable) and to a record of prior incarceration for previous offences. Information may well encompass supervisees as well as county jail credit time, race/ethnicity, supervision conditions, good behavior, facility movement, supervision discharge, execution date, legal financial obligations (fines) and parole dates.