In the last decade flaws within the Federal Background Check System have been highlighted as per recent report confirms. The report by the Government Accountability Office confirms thousands of domestic abusers have slipped through the net. That being the gun ownership net via licensed dealers. Over a ten year period from 2006 through 2015 the Federal Background Check System denied around 89,000 individuals gun ownership. These individuals were denied in light of restraining orders and misdemeanor domestic violence charges. However in 23% of cases the Federal Background Check System was unable to process the background check in 3 business days. This is the allotted duration under federal law. Therefore the gun sales proceeded under the rule of  “default proceed”.

Statistics therefore confirm that 6,780 convicted domestic abusers left a licensed gun dealer with a firearm. Those with a conviction of “domestic violence misdemeanor” totaled 6,221. Further 559 were under a protective order. The report though did not highlight felony domestic violence convictions and the related failed background checks.

NICS came about in 1998 and since then and over 160,000 individuals have been denied gun ownership. Those individuals had protective orders and convictions for domestic violence misdemeanors. The Federal Background Check System completes irrespective that a sale has come about as per ‘default proceed’. If any potential buyer is denied gun ownership a procedure is in place. That being a referral to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. The organization is authorized to locate the buyer and retrieve the firearm. Retrieval numbers are unclear and over what period of time. Data though has confirmed around 3,000 guns per year were retrieved from 2001 through 2014.

As a result of the 3 day loophole Dylann Roof was allowed to buy a firearm with terrible consequences. Roof admitted a charge of a controlled substance. The sale would have been blocked if the check would have completed in recognized time frame. Over a year later the loophole has not been closed and legislation flounders. For the full article please follow this link and to support the work Trace does in reporting the crisis of gun violence and to donate please follow this link