An elder care giver in Boise, Idaho has been found guilty for the abuse of an elderly couple along with neglect and exploitation. Elder care giver sentencedThe arrest of Sherri Watring (53) was made in January 2019 and charges were of 2 felony counts, that being abuse and neglect of a vulnerable adult. The elder care giver was also charged with exploitation in excess of $1000, along with a further misdemeanour charge of petit theft. The unfolding story of elder abuse is not uncommon and details the gaining of trust over a number of years (approx. 7 years) while she was providing elder care and Watring then obtaining power of attorney in 2016. Unbeknown to the family Watring had the male victim, who died February 1st 2018, cremated. The male was a decorated World War 2 veteran.

She then scattered the ashes, without the family’s knowledge, in an unknown location. She was fired by the family following discovery of her actions. A relative of the deceased had attempted to meet up with the accused in order to establish how he died, Watring was unemotional throughout. The relative was in regular contact with the deceased (Robert Chagas) up until 2011. It wasn’t until October 2016 that the relative became aware of her brother in law’s passing as she was the contact on file. The relative noted how emaciated her brother in law appeared.

In respect of the female who died in hospice care in June 2018 Watring was found guilty of neglect and abuse in respect of a failure for provision of adequate nutrition and performing improper medical treatments, this improper treatment likely to produce great bodily harm. The crimes were committed between 2016 and 2018. In respect of the theft Watring used bank wires to transfer the money to her account from the account of her victims. She also misappropriated debt to the elderly couple by abusing her position as power of attorney. The three day trial returned guilty on all charges. The sentence of 18 months was short of the 10 year term (2 years fixed) requested by ACPO.

In another case an elder care giver in San Diego has pleaded guilty to perjury by false information, imprisonment of an elder and voluntary manslaughter. Prior to this plea she faced kidnapping for ransom, first degree murder along with harm or death of an elderly or dependent adult. Another elderly patient had been found starved and beaten in the apartment of Montana. It is alleged the elderly female had been held captive for 11 years however this may have been upwards towards 23 years, the elderly female weighed 81lbs. Montana was already convicted over a third patient and sentenced to a year this along with a 13 year sentence handed down on March 6th.

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