The term DUI or Driving under the influence refers to a criminal offence in which the driver of a motor vehicle is caught driving with high levels of alcohol in his or her bloodstream. The legal limit for alcohol in one’s bloodstream while driving has been preset by the law, and may vary according to the area or country that you drive in.

DUI is also known DWT (driving while intoxicated), drunk driving, operating under the influence, etc. Similarly, there are laws that deem other acts illegal as well, such as operating certain machinery while under the influence. Many states consider such acts as criminal offences, punishable by law, through penalties or other punishments.

Furthermore, apart from simply driving under the influence of alcohol, having an open container of an alcoholic drink in the car is also a criminal offence. The passengers in the vehicle are also prohibited from carrying alcoholic drinks in the vehicle.

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The state authorities implement these laws by taking practical measures. At different intervals, the state police has reserved certain points as DUI Records check points. These are also known as sobriety check points because they ensure that the people driving on that particular route are sober, and not driving under the influence. Furthermore, each check point has a police officer, who reserves the right to stop a passing vehicle to ensure that these laws are not being violated. For further details on the difference between DUI and DWI please follow the link.

The driver is supposed to pass the DUI check by breathing into a breathalyzer, an apparatus that has been programmed to record the level of alcohol in a person’s breath, and compare it to the legal limit for blood alcohol. Such sobriety tests may also require the driver to walk in a straight line, or perform other actions that help the police officer identify whether the driver is driving with excessive alcohol in his or her bloodstream.

Driving under the influence is a major cause for thousands of deaths all over the world today, and it is imperative that one understands the necessity to adhere to laws that help prevent such accidents.