Celebrations across Connecticut for July 4th may well be tempered by a tough DUI law which took effect in the week. For people who have to relinquish their license for DUI will require an IID (ignition interlock device) installed to recover their license irrespective if it’s a first offense.

Previously Connecticut law enforcement had imposed an IID which was not applicable for a first DUI offense and the offender went on a diversion program. The new law now covers first time offenders irrespective if charges, following the diversionary program, are dismissed.

The IID comes at a cost with $100 for installation and around $50 monthly maintenance. A costly penalty for taking such a risk. Those that have precipitated the new law (passed in 2014) were Mothers Against Drunk Driving ( http://www.madd.org/ ) who have put forward that suspending a license alone is not a strong enough deterrent and further for saving lives the IID is the best defense.

The organization doesn’t see IID as punitive. Even though the law has been broken offenders can still carry out social obligations, travel to school and work. Prevention is the best option by either taking a taxi, nominating a driver or simply jumping on a bus. DUI is preventable and there can be no excuses, The IID keeps the general public safe while offenders continue with their day to day lives.

The IID prevents the ignition from being started until it senses the breath of the driver. The new law actually shortens the time to 45 days but require the installation of the IID for a minimum of 6 months upwards to 3 years dependant on age. How many suspensions for DUI and if a BAC test was refused.

The new law decreases the amount of time a person’s license is suspended after a DUI offense. Previously, a person’s license was suspended for 90 days to three years, depending on their BAC and whether they refused to have their BAC tested during a drunken driving arrest.

Drivers will now have their license suspended for 45 days. But to have their license reinstated, they would need to have the IID installed for at least six months to as long as three years, depending on whether they are 21, how many times their license has been suspended for DUI and whether they refused a BAC test. It is hoped the mew law will encourage everyone to think before they may consider drinking.

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