A recent investigation has found that Chicago Police are setting up more DUI checkpoints in minority and ethnic communities than it has in majority white communities. Out of 152 DUI checks 84% were in Hispanic or black areas. The data was drawn from the period February 2010 to June 2014. Less than 4% of DUI checkpoints took place in white (majority) areas. Irrespective 25% of Chicago’s alcohol fuelled accidents occurred in white police districts.

However Chicago police confirm that their DUI check points are determined by traffic accident data reviews coupled with intelligence from area commanders. The report comes at a time of heightened unrest between law enforcement and minority communities across the States. Legal entities, lawmakers and action groups are seeing a potential picture of discrimination. Some areas with a prevalence of DUI checkpoints were found to have a small number of alcohol fuelled accidents.

The neighbor hood of Grand Crossing had the majority of the DUI check points (13 over 4 years). However, significantly, had the least drink drive incidents over a 2 year period from 2010. This confirmed by recent DUI records from The Illinois Department of Transportation.

However Jefferson Park with around 20% of the city’s officers and a largely white community had a high rate of drink drive incidents. This according to the very same traffic data. Yet not one DUI checkpoint was set up during the same time period. It was cited that a ‘different’ type of DUI checks are carried out in Jefferson Park. The emphasis being more on mobile patrols.

These actions have led some to consider if there is a hidden agenda for the DUI checks in minority areas. That being checking papers, criminal activity and warrants. Does the excessive use of DUI checks within minority areas suggest over reaction, set ups and discrimination in a time of heightened unrest between law enforcement and minorities.