After it was revealed that Chicago Police Dept set up DUI checkpoints in communities that were predominantly Latino and African American communities it’s been found that the pattern has continued. From March through August 14 DUI checkpoints were scheduled by Chicago police. Of these checks 9 were within districts of black majority. Another 4 DUI checkpoints were took place in majority Latino districts. There was 1 check in a white majority area. Irrespective proof prior confirms Chicago majority white districts had the larger number of alcohol related accidents than numerous minority districts. Chicago’s police districts number 22 of those 5 are white, 9 have a black majority, 4 Latino and 4 districts do not have a racial majority.

The Harrison District has had the most DUI checkpoints on Chicago’s West side where, since March, the police department has initiated 3 of the stops. A previous analysis of traffic data confirms this district (majority black) in recent years ranked 10th in Chicago’s 22 districts for the amount of alcohol related accidents in past years. Englewood followed closely however 2 DUI checkpoints had been scheduled recently in this majority African American district. The area with fewest alcohol related accidents (Grand Crossing) saw a check point on March 20th..

No DUI checkpoints were carried out in Jefferson Park (white majority) irrespective ranking 3rd for fatalities and alcohol related accidents in the city. Police maintain the scarcity of DUI checkpoints has little to do with approximately 20% of police officers and families reside there. The Chicago Tribune report in May that carried detailed analysis of DUI checkpoints from around 2010 through to June 2014 and then compared accident data to police districts. The Tribune confirmed no DUI checkpoints in Jefferson Park had been carried out since February 2010 at least.

Chicago’s Black Caucus Council confirms a racial undertone to the pattern and they would like an explanation by the police department at a public hearing. Illinois’ Department of Transportation also confirms $470,000 was largely committed to overtime covering night time enforcements within 2014. Chicago police department logged the largest number of violations over any other Illinois municipality the same year. Of 7,300 citations 244 involved DUI arrests. Illinois American Civil Liberties Union which monitors and takes a special interest in traffic stops says the checks are part of a wider problem affecting latino and black drivers disproportionately. Is deciding where to place DUI checkpoints a process of big city policing.