Shortly after Josh duggar’s police record was revealed the 2006 investigation by police was expunged. This at the direction of an Arkansas judge and further following one victim’s request. Advising USA Today Springdale police confirmed Duggar’s criminal history and police record is clean and the report ceases to exist.

The victims of Sexual offenders below the age of 18 are not entitled to have these records expunged. This according to a Legal Services Partnership in Arkansas ‘Pamphlet‘. However the situation being slightly different in that Duggar was not convicted.

The Arkansas judge is yet to comment but the expungment approval documents the following. The agreement to expunge was in respect of the 2006 police record that contained information which may have identified (directly or indirectly) the movant as a sex crime victim, the movant being a minor.

However there are also seemingly some underlying complications. Former Governor Huckabee personally selected the Arkansas judge to no more than 2 different committees. Huckabee has expressed his support for Duggar and is reportedly a close friend of the Duggar’s. Furthermore, it is typical that the convicted offender requests expungement. Many questions have been asked as to how the other 4 victims took the news of the expungement.

Does the expungement matter at this point. Any damage to reputation may well already have been done. Within hours he had resigned from The Family Research Council’s lobbying body. The direction of 19 kids is in the balance. The accusations are there for general consumption.

It is unfortunate that same applies to victims. Amongst those reportedly duggar’s sisters. Considering that these terrible incidents have become public knowledge. Should there be further hardship by losing 19 kids and counting, a complicated situation.

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