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As we all understand, divorce records, like any other records, are a part of publicly available information. This implies that if one follows the right process, he or she can gain access to these records quite easily. With the rate with which technology is improving today, one can easily access these records from the comfort of one’s own home. Also, you could pay a visit to the Department of Health and Vital Records to obtain this information as well. Most of the time, the availability of such records is free of cost. However, one might have to pay for using the services of the state department.

Before looking for any such records, you must ensure that you have collected as much information about the two parties involved as possible. For example, the names of the people who got divorced, the place of divorce, the names of their parents, their residence address, their occupations, etc. The more you know, the more accurate your results will be, and the easier the search will be for you.

Furthermore, the next step that you need to take is contact the state Department. This department can help you gain access to official divorce records, thereby reducing all your chances for landing up on incorrect or fabricated information.

However, the availability of these records also depends on the court of law where the divorce took place. At times, the information is only available through the particular court where the divorce was filed.

Divorce RecordsIf your research at the court level has returned futile, the next step that you should take is to contact your local county clerk’s office. In many states today, the local county records have all such information indexed in their records.

Furthermore, you should also understand that many a time, the availability of a certified copy of the divorce certificate may not be possible at all. Many states only provide divorce certificate copies to people who are listed on the record, such as the two parties themselves, or their parents, whose names, again, are listed on the records. If you are not listed, you may only receive an informational copy.

Lastly, you should fill out a request for the records for security purposes. Also, you might have to pay a nominal fee to obtain the records.

If you find this process inconvenient for some reason, divorce records can be accessed through private companies as well. However, many people prefer the state records for their accuracy.