The digital background check and fingerprint recognition is now available for screening those applying for positions of trust within Arizona. It is anticipated that this will reduce the process from three to four weeks to a matter of days. The digital background check system has recently gone live. EFAS, as it’s known, provides the ease of applying online for a finger print clearing card. The system ideally, and significantly, speeds up processing times for foster parents, realtors, teachers and child care providers. However the digital background check system is intended to work seamlessly with those applicants who are free of a criminal history. A DPS spokesman confirmed the agency oversees around a thousand applicants daily. Approximately 20% are returned due to errors.

Initial application is currently via two options. Either browse on over the FieldPrint site . Alternatively visit this DPS site page for a comprehensive FAQ page. Open an account to start the process. Complete the electronic application and schedule an appointment with a participating vendor (State wide) to be “e Scanned”. While there remains no change to application fees ($65 volunteers, $67 for others) for the card a $7.95 fee (convenience) is also required. The current system will remain in place but may well take up to 4 weeks. The initiative towards digital background check initiative by the DPS in Arizona represents a growing trend.

Moreover the digital background check technology will be cost free to implement. The client will also benefit from cheaper fees when considering postage and finger print fees. An increase in staff efficiency is also anticipated. The new EFAS digital background check system will reduce finger print error processing to below 1%. Ink and roll finger printing remain available at local vendors. Also by appointment at the Bullhead City Police Department. Applicants are required to bring along with them their own finger print card. d digital biometrics with a new Electronic Fingerprint Application System (EFAS).