A new bill is to receive a vote in Delaware that will make it easier for juveniles who have convictions to have them expunged from public criminal records. The bill is a modification of discretionary expungement allowing more individuals with non violent felonies and misdemeanors to have their public criminal records wiped. The individual can not have pending criminal charges or adult convictions.

The expungement also confirms there would be no basis prohibiting the individual from gun ownership. Those supporting the bill put forward that the expungment of juvenile public criminal records can be an obstacle to education, credit, housing and getting a job.

Juvenile public criminal records can also be normally eligible for expungement under existing conditions. A judge can sign an order to expunge your juvenile record. If the order is granted records will be removed from all official files but kept by The State Bureau of Investigation (in confidence).

Some of the circumstances are listed below but are not restricted to these:
A case was resolved in favour of the individual which was classified such as a violation or misdemeanour. Conditional that you are not currently involved with criminal charges and no other delinquency prevails.

A felony you were charged with was resolved in your favour. Conditional on no other criminal convictions or other delinquency, no current criminal charges are pending. A minimum of 1 year has elapsed since an individual’s case ended.

An individual was found to be delinquent in respect of commissioning an offence (Asides from a sexual or violent offence). No other convictions or delinquency. No current criminal charges pending. A minimum of 3 years has elapsed since an individual was found delinquent.

Expunged public criminal records may be accessed in very limited scenarios. i.e. At some point in the future you become involved in a criminal investigation and/or an individual applies for employment with a law enforcement agency
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