It’s confirmed, exercise is integral to a healthy lifestyle. Researchers separated non exercisers from those that exercised after sifting through fourteen years of death records. Those that did not exercise were in the high risk category of premature death. The results, from evidence based studies (Journal of the American Medical Association) decipher the code to longevity and exercise.

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute and Harvard University collated data from a majority of middle age adults. The data of exercise habits was drawn from more than 661 thousand of those individuals. Death records also confirmed that a little exercise also reduced the risk of premature death by 20%.

Those that exercised for a modest two and a half hours a week were rewarded by a reduced risk of premature death, and increased longevity, by 31%. Moderate walkers who put in around an hour a day were the biggest winners in the longevity race. This group of moderate walkers was 39% less likely to meet premature death as opposed to the non exercisers.

However there appears to be little or no benefits to anything beyond the daily hour of moderate walking. Another study concluded beyond this that strenuous exercise is also good. Researchers studied 200,000 individuals in respect of intensity and time. Those that spent time exercising vigorously, such as running, reduced premature risk of death by 9%. Those individuals who exercised over 30% gave themselves improved odds of 13%.

It beats depression and stress: Depression and stress can be ideally managed by exercise. Exercise encourages opiates and endorphins which enhance your feel good vibrations and optimism.

Promotes health: A minimal thirty minutes a day is a positive step to better health. Including it in a daily routine and being consistent, with simple routines) is key.

Great for the heart: Every minute a death is caused by a heart attack and a heart attack happens every 20 seconds. The key to reversing these depressing statistics is regular exercise. Further conclusive benefits confirm a lowering of blood pressure, decreases blood clots, blood sugar improves and circulation is improved.

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