An investigation is being sought by an attorney following a young child who had apparently died at birth but then showed up alive and well many years later. The St louis Hospital told eighteen black women that their new born had died. However the mothers are now questioning if their children are still alive.

It all began with Zelia Jackson Price, who in 1965 was 26 years of age, giving birth in St louis at Homer G Philips hospital. She was advised that her daughter had passed away. However she never saw and death records or death certificate. Melanie Gilmore (Daughter) was confined to foster care and showed up some fifty years later.

Price’s attorney, Albert Watkins, advised the Associated Press he suspected Homer G Philips as co-ordinating a practice towards private adoption transactions. That they were misappropriating new born infants of colour for marketing to those private transactions. In April Price and Gilmore were reunited. DNA matches confirming that they are, in fact, mother and daughter.

Price has 5 more children and is a gospel singer told the Associated press that they looked alike. The reunion was beautiful and joyful commented Price and she would never forget the reunion. Other women then got in touch with Watkins and wondered whether their new born had also been taken. Watkins advised he is planning a lawsuit to uncover birth records and death records for those children. No women have sought money, Watkins advised.