The Office of Inspector General for Social Security Administration has released a report over federal payments to citizens that were deceased as confirmed by death records. Asides from the money being paid over to the deceased they were, naturally, not working, Around 740 deceased benefited by around a total of $17 million.

The SSA commented that they could only know what was available to them. One underlying issue is that there is no requirement by U.S. states to use electronic death records. Only a reported 38 states actually do. Death records are not always shared around federal agencies. One agency pays disability, another refers to death records and ceases payments another agency has them as above the ground.

Between 2008-2012 3,400 dead farmers had received crop insurance subsidies amounting to $22 million. These sums were paid out over 2 years post death. Citizens against government waste commented that there were very few incentives to get the records right. It’s also virtually impossible to to retrieve the misappropriated funds. Checks had either been encashed or deposited.
Read the full report here

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