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In accordance with the laws in a country, the police maintain a criminal record of every criminal, irrespective of the nature of the crime he or she has committed. Individuals have the right to access this information at any point in their lives, depending on the situation at hand.

The same laws also require certain individuals to authorize a criminal record check for themselves. This is required for those individuals who live or work with, unsupervised adults or children, who may or may not be vulnerable. The specific act that deals with these checks is the Criminal Records Review Act. The authorization is then given to the organization that the individual works for.

This act and the requirement for the issuance of a criminal record check are important to the society because it helps protect the rights of other individuals in society.

For example, it protects children who are still vulnerable, and are under the supervision of adults whose criminal records demonstrate a history of abuse, or the fact that they may commit some offence against the children. The criminal record check provides for a contingency plan in the unfortunate event that something of this sort may happen.

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Furthermore, it also protects adults who may be vulnerable, and unable to defend themselves, from a person who has a criminal record that places the adult at a constant risk of abuse, etc. The abuse may not necessarily be of a physical nature. Criminals also abuse vulnerable partners or adults financially, and this kind of abuse is equally intolerable and harmful.

In order for a criminal record check to be authorized, the police or the concerned authorities first review the person’s background history or criminal record against a pre determined list of offences that classify him or her as an eligible candidate. If the criminal record testifies to the need for the authorization of such a record check for a specific person then the police issues the check, and helps protect the children or adults who work with such individuals closely. This helps ensure that this system is not manipulated or misused in society.