Ohio-based CareSource is a non profit nationally recognized health plan. As a result one of the country’s largest administrators of Medicaid. The Indiana re entry criminal records expungement program will assist those returning to successfully adjust and transition back in to society. CareSource have received Indiana State approval forCriminal Records Expungement Ohio the $500 per person contribution. The health plan provider sees the criminal records expungement program as providing access to opportunity. Opportunity previously off limits and also allows individuals a better chance to re integration and success within the community. The program (Community Transition Program (Ohio)) will protect privacy and open doors to education, employment, licensing opportunities and housing. Most importantly a ‘pilot program’ (Indiana Department of Corrections (IODC)) ground breaking and a forerunner. The program connects with prisoners prior to release and offers support post release.

Criminal records expungement addresses recidivism

In 2018 the criminal records expungement program saw almost 700 offenders benefit from the pre release education classes. CareSource criminal justice liaisons also co ordinates care and community services on release. Following release the re entry team provide a health needs screening. Further engagement with a life coach is available via the CareSource Job Connect program with support for employment and educational goals. The re entry program, initially intended for 2 prisons but now available (2019) within each of the 15 IDOC correctional facilities due to demand. The criminal records expungement program encourages well being and health together with assistance towards a major life transition and to focus on the individual’s future. The transition back in to society is a time ex offenders are at their most vulnerable. CareSource also looks to further complement it’s existing 35 specialist community partners while improving the Medicaid application process.

CareSource has it’s HQ in Dayton, Ohio and has 1.8 million members in Indiana, Georgia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. A nationally recognized mission based and non profit organization serving government sponsored programs and member-centric health care coverage. Offering inclusive comprehensive family plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. The criminal records expungement program is also seen as an invaluable resource in that returning citizens come off Medicaid thus benefiting tax payers. Furthermore the re entry program (CareSource Job Connect) would hopefully see the sponsor receive employer sponsored insurance. The program seen as a seamless transition to self sufficiency and therefore reduced recidivism.