San Bernardino County: Access by the public has dwindled significantly of late re: court records search. February 11th saw the open access court records search site (San Bernardino Superior Court) go offline. These court records also take in Victorville. The loss was due to a new system being implemented. The new system will cost in excess of $4 million over several years. However it provides far less public information per court records search compared to its predecessor. The result is problematic for the media, the public and attorneys. A fundamental deficiency is the failure to make available crucial court records information for criminal case hearings.

Prior case notes are essential when filing fresh charges. A court records search is making available incomplete or incorrect rap sheets. This crucial information is required which isn’t forthcoming currently under the new system. The new court records search system has been described by one paralegal as an absolute nightmare. In one instance a court records search confirmed innacuracies in a recent case. While the defendant had charges relating to three cases of receiving stolen property the new court records system had four charges. Mindful that this information is available to employers, the public and housing agencies.

The site’s civil side is yet to be converted but further problems are anticipated. The Superior court is aware of issues that attorneys are facing. The court has reassured that they are confronting issues head on. Including Tyler Technologies, project management staff. Court staff have been commended for their resilience during the difficult transition. San Bernardino County itself was not included within the decision making process. The decision making authority is left to an executive committee comprising the court executive officer and judges. Following careful consideration and evaluation Tyler Technologies were selected. A further area of concern relates to failed registration and logins. The new system should provide enhanced access to Justice Partners however registration remains problematic. For more information please follow this link