Court records detail an ex agent of the FBI stands accused of violent threats towards CIA officers. The incident took place at the high security Virginia HQ last week. Charges of impeding a police officer were also made.

The ex agent, a female from Alexandria, was a member between 2004 and 2010 confirmed court records. Her bizarre trip began at the National Security Agency and went on to Langley, Virginia (CIA). According to court records. Tunisia Davis was alleged to have driven towards the main gate and passing an officer who attempted to stop her. Court records confirm another officer had no alternative but to stand in the way of Davis’s car to stop her.

Davis was taken in to custody thereafter investigators recorded she threatened to bomb the agency and shoot CIA officers. Court records reveal she denied reaching for the gun and that she was denied entry to the NSA. U.S. Marshals detained Davis and she was sent for psychiatric evaluation at Alexandria city jail. Davis posted videos on Facebook. In those videos she derides the federal government and portrays her FBI work. Court Records also confirm Davis had an alternative Facebook ID as “MahoganyChange”. CIA investigators commented that Davis advised officers her wish was to die of police brutality.