CLARKSVILLE:Clarksville court records have been hacked and classified records have been breached. The town court judge for Clarksville advised the court records that were hacked may have possibly included birth dates, addresses, social security numbers and names. The total number of court records hacked is around two thousand. Those cases affected are back to 2005 or prior.

The Indiana Supreme Court and the FBI are investigating. Further information and advice will be forthcoming on how those affected by the breach in court records can best protect themselves. Any individual who has concerns and believe they may be compromised are requested to monitor their credit files on an ongoing basis. Also to check bank accounts in relation to unauthorized access and/or entry.

The court has expressed it’s sincerest regrets to any individual affected. The court has assured those affected that steps will be taken to ensure that there is no repeat of the issue. If anything suspicious arises on your credit file please make contact with Clarksville Town Court on (812) 283-1505. The Clarksville Town Court is located in Suite 109 of the Administration Building, 2000 Broadway.

It is a sobering and alarming thought when all of your sensitive personal information falls in to the control of hackers. Clarksville Town Court have, unfortunately, found out the hard way. Staff had reported attempting to open court records on Tuesday morning but found the court records had been encrypted.

Clarkesville Town Court have resigned themselves , as many others have, to the fact that these attacks will be common place. Local government along with government has an obligation to ensure personal information is secure. Investigations by the FBI and local authorities are ongoing but no one has been found responsible as yet. Clarksville is home to 22,000 residents and around 600 businesses. Clarksville has a mix of old historic sites along with residential and business areas and new shopping malls.

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