Mississippi’s Electronic Court records system set up for ease of public access in mind was incorrectly implemented under the disgraced Shelly Ashley-Palmertree irrespective that in 2010 the program was joined by Warren County. Jan Daigre (Circuit Clerk) advised she was cleaning up court records in MEC.

Initially implemented five years ago with Justice William Waller Jr at the helm and he advised at the time that he anticipated it running fully by 2012. However data was input incorrectly due to shortcomings in knowledge of the court records system. In Ashley-Palmtree’s defence she wasn’t trained correctly.

Palmertree embezzled $115,000 in fees and fines that her office had control over. She is now serving a prison sentence of 5 years. Initially it was thought that five months at the outside was the target to have the court records cleared up by. However with 5 years worth of dirty data it seems more like 10 without election data factored in.

MEC were to go paperless but the process practiced by Palmertree defeated the whole object i.e. what should have been a streamline scan and store system became a horrendous paper trail. Once a document was committed to the system it became an official document without a requirement to further print the document. It has been a non stop process addressing the previous administrations shortfalls.

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