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In this constantly evolving technological era, we often make use of wonderful inventions without pausing to understand the implications of their usage or the details associated with these facilities. For example, when Internet usage spread like wildfire, people did not realize how it could be misused against them, and the variety of fraudulent activities that could be performed through this remarkable medium. Similarly, the cell phone or mobile phone, also brings to us great benefits, but we must understand the implication of cell phone records and usage, and how our conversations are not necessarily completely private.

It is never straightforward to access another person’s cellphone records, for various privacy reasons and even if it is a close romantic partner or a relative. There are, however, occasions when a phone records search is appropriate such as concerns over your children’s cell phone activity and a missing loved one. Cell phone records can be viewed which are part of your account assuming the phone is available. For any individual who isn’t though an attorney’s assistance will be required or a police warrant.

To begin with, every citizen must understand that the government maintains a database of indexed and categorized telephone and cell phone records, which include the maintenance of our records as well. Although the practice of storing information related to telephone conversations is not a new or recent one, it has definitely become a lot more widespread and rigorous recently. With the advent of an era where terrorism and terrorist activities became the new threat to a government’s sovereignty and its people’s security, there has been an increase in the tracking of information through cell phone records. Governments will and have tracked caller ids, the numbers we dial and receive calls from, along with the duration of our various calls.

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If you are receiving robocalls or harassment calls or you believe someone is stalking you can request your cell phone provider take action. The number will invariably be displayed as unknown and will, for obvious reasons be blocking their caller ‘ID’. The number itself will also very likely not show up on most phone records. Make contact with you phone company or cell phone provider and request a “trap” be placed on your phone, this will identify all numbers that call you and those responsible can be identified.

Surveys suggest around 75% of those using the internet will access it by smart phone by the year 2025, this is equivalent to almost 3.7 billion people. By 2025 over 1.3 billion people are forecast to use their smart phone to access the web. These figures are reported by WARC (World Advertising Research Center) supported by data from the mobile trade body GSMA. The personal computer will be relied upon by around 69 million to access the web. Those 2 billion accessing the web on their smart phones equates to 51% of the global base.

However there will still be 2.4 billion people who will be without a mobile/smart phone by 2025. In 2018 the spending via mobile apps was $101 billion. The Chinese accounted for around 40% of this spend inclusive in app spend along with subscription fees, paid downloads and the majority of money being spent on gaming. The majority of growth in the cell phone market will be seen in India, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia.