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Sex Offenders Living Near Detroit Schools

Admin July 6, 2015
Sex Offenders

Detroit suffers over 3,000 sex offenders, these registered offenders live in neighborhoods with close proximity to Detroit schools and who harass minors and children. One offender (living near Brenda Scott Academy (East Side)) was reported to continually approach students while they were passing. The volunteer Patrol (MAN Network) founder Bishop Tony Russell, has huge concerns. When the sex offender was…

Sex Offenders, the Static-99 Form and Re-offending

Admin June 29, 2015
Sex Offenders

While it remains impossible to determine exactly whether a sex offender will re offend statistically there are underlying factors that point to the sex offenders risk profile in relation to re offending (or recidivism). North Carolina State uses a form (static-99) to assist in trying to determine the risk profile of a male sex offender. This is a form that…

Sex Offenders and the illegal Confinement Program

Admin June 11, 2015
Sex Offenders

New York: Should former governor George Pataki be held accountable over an illegal confinement program for sex offenders. The program was discarded in 2006 and a Federal Appeals Court is deliberating over liability. In 2013 ex governor Pataki faced litigation and was sued over the ill fated program, termed The Sexually Violent Predator Initiative. Seemingly hurried in to existence following…

Sex Offenders Required to Work Away From Children

Admin May 18, 2015
Sex Offenders

Certain sex offenders in Montana that are employed in close proximity to children must obtain special permission, face arrest or find a new job. Last week a state law took effect which prohibits sex offenders deemed high risk, who have victimized children, from working or living within 300 ft of an institution or facility serving young adults under 18 years…

Military Sex Offenders Registry Bill Passed

Admin May 16, 2015
Sex Offenders

Sex offenders within the military are to registered on a dedicated database. Recent legislation passed by the House of Representatives places responsibility on The Dept. Of Defense. The sex offenders registry database will not be available publicly but only to law enforcement officers and the FBI. The measure was added to The National Defense Authorization Act which funds the military….

Sex Offenders and Social Media

Admin May 8, 2015
Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are still using Facebook and creating profiles irrespective that they are banned by Facebook from using the site. These are clearly detailed in it’s terms of service. However there are no restrictions in New Mexico as to social media being used by sex offenders. discovered individuals using Facebook One a 26 yr old who was a registered…

Sex Offenders Military Loophole

Admin May 6, 2015
Sex Offenders

Untraceable and unregistered. Attackers are disappearing in to thin air due to loopholes in the sex offenders registry. A system whereby law enforcement and victims are unable to trace convicted sex offenders. An internal report done by The U.S. Department of Defense conducted an internal report and concerns were raised over military sex offenders. Numerous sex offenders leave federal prison…

GPS for Sex Offenders Nears Law

Admin April 30, 2015
Sex Offenders

Key state Senate along with Assembly committees passed 2 bills improving GPS monitoring of violent sex offenders. This was on the heels of the murders of 4 Orange County women. The bills now move closer to law. A further bill to increase incarceration for sex offenders disabling their GPS was also passed unanimously. A measure for a state wide GPS…