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Property Records Database highlight Restrictive deeds $50 million guaranteed

Admin August 7, 2021
Property Records

A bill (Mapping Housing Discrimination Act) to address the racial disparities in property records database has been backed by numerous Democrats. Universities and colleges would be provided with grants to map historical records. The records would be digitised and filtered to create the first national database of housing discrimination. Around the turn of the 20th century many deeds contained discriminatory…

Racial Covenants in real estate despite fair housing laws

Admin August 11, 2020
Property Records

Those couples buying houses in some states find racial covenants in real estate still exist to this day. No matter how beautiful sales brochures seem the property may well hide a dark past. A purchaser may not even be aware of the covenants until they commit to the purchase by signing the documents.  It is a sad statement on society…

Property Ownership Records First For Bitcoin

Admin July 15, 2016
Property Records

Property ownership records have taken a giant leap forward. Ubitquity has registered the inaugural transfer on Bitcoin’s de-centralised public register. The purchase was recorded to the Bitcoin block chain using protocol (Colu Coloured Coins). The local municipality were also part of the process having the property committed to their property ownership records. A digital asset was also created and secured…

Property Records and Bit Coin Technology

Admin September 7, 2015
Property Records

Bitcoin may well have found an ally in property records after struggling for wider recognition. The tracks or ‘paper-trail’ offered as a result of it’s blockchain and encryption can play a more integral part in property records as an increasing number of documents and data are made available by governments. Blockchain is a unique platform that records all transactions with…

Property Records Confirm Millions Lost in Bogus Tax Breaks

Admin September 2, 2015
Property Records

Property records unearth millions of dollars in Colorado may well be lost to bogus tax breaks under a program to assist veterans and senior citizens. Auditors in Colorado now want the payments repaid. Property records need to be more stringent and diligent over the tax break program. As from 2000 seniors over 65 have been granted a ‘homestead exemption’ which…

Property Records Uncover Real Estate Scam

Admin June 1, 2015
Property Records

After finding someone living in their property a police department clerk asked a colleague to investigate. They had vacated their Cheltenham house in order to modify their mortgage and found the squatters during a weekly check. The discovery launched a 2 year investigation that revealed a country wide property scam. The scam was led by a former realtor with 2…