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Probate judge abuses position of trust to embezzle estate

admin April 25, 2019

Following the death of Dominic Domingo (82) the State Office of The Medical Investigator oversaw a deputy field investigator to investigate the death (March 9 2017). That person was Pamela Smith and following this she appointed her husband as special administrator to Domingo’s estate while in her probate judge capacity (Sierra County). Her husband (Randy Smith) then misappropriated almost $300,000…

Probate Judge grants legal rights to aborted Embryo

admin March 14, 2019

The decision of a probate judge in Alabama has opened the door for the potential father to litigate (wrongful death) against the abortion clinic. The expectant father wanted the child but could do nothing to change his partner’s mind.  In early February a lawsuit was filed against the abortion clinic (Alabama Women’s Center) together with the manufacturer of the abortion…

Former probate attorney guilty plea in estate embezzlement

admin November 17, 2016

An ex probate attorney has admitted to defrauding estates of over half a million dollars. Estates he had been entrusted to manage. The former probate attorney (aged 38) Christopher Mansfield, admitted to misappropriating around $587,030 from around a dozen estates. The management of these estates spanned three years to October 2015. Mansfield was charged on September 28th by Federal prosecutors….

Disgraced probate clerk sues for reinstatement of pension

admin May 6, 2016

SAVANNAH: Disgraced ex probate clerk sues for reinstatement of pension. An ex probate clerk with Chatham County is suing to have her pension reinstated. This story about the theft was originally ran back in August 2015 – Ex Probate Clerk admits $232,000 theft. The total theft detailed by government though ran to around $750,000 this was inclusive individual losses. The…

Probate court guardianship enslaving the vulnerable

admin April 11, 2016

A probate court order of emergency temporary guardianship may well fall under modern day slavery. A recent article centers around a 46 year old female who fell ill. Thereafter she was admitted to hospital in Jacksonville (FL). This was the last she would see of her rented beach side condo. Alarmingly this was more than four years ago. Instead she…

Probate Judge alleged bigotry and Pro American Stance

admin March 8, 2016

Allegations that a Denver Probate judge exhibited bigotry and a pro American bias is headed for the Colorado Court of Appeals. The girl (name withheld to protect privacy) is in receipt of a seven figure inheritance. The probate judge also faces accusations of prejudice and discrimination. This alleged as a result of her removal from the motherly figure that has…