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Sensitive Police Records Made Public

Admin September 15, 2015
Police Records

A spokes person for the mayor of West Palm Beach last week has posted sensitive and secret police records over a period of 3 days on the city web site. These police records detailed federal and local investigations. Records include ID’s of confidential informants, drug sting targets and officers working under cover. Identities revealed can imperil lives. The police records…

University Police Records Appeal by ESPN

Admin May 21, 2015
Police Records

ESPN are set to appeal a judge’s ruling (St Joseph Superior Court) in respect of The University Notre Dame’s police records. The notice was served to the Indiana Court of Appeals. ESPN contend the campus police records should not be subject to the open records law of the state. The notice was filed on Wednesday by the sports network. This…

Police Records Leaked to Gang Members

Admin May 15, 2015
Police Records

An employee of the Montebello Police dept. is alleged to have leaked police records to a gang member. The leaked records contained information about witnesses to an attempted murder. The police records clerk may have compromised numerous citizens police records. The information had been shared with Sangra gang members. As a result two lawsuits have been filed for those individuals…