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Law Enforcement Database Abused to Stalk Innocent

Admin September 30, 2016
Police Records

We originally reported back in March 2016 about how Denver Police were misusing the Law Enforcement Database for personal Gain. However it appears that this abuse is not restricted to Denver. The law enforcement database has been abused across the states to stalk individuals who were entirely unrelated to police investigations. Among those stalked include landlords, potential romantic partners, neighbors…

Police Misconduct Records Hidden Confirms Public Defender

Admin June 30, 2016
Police Records

PITTSBURG – Three criminal cases have been thrown in to turmoil due to police misconduct records being hidden. New trials have been requested along with dismissal of convictions. Responsible for secreting the police misconduct records was The Pittsburg Police Dept. Allegations that the records were intentionally withheld come from the Contra Costa Public Defender’s Office. Police now acknowledge documents should…

Chicago Police Records can’t be Destroyed without Media Notification

Admin December 8, 2015
Police Records

The local records commission of Cook County is being called upon by The Better Government Association to take on a transparent policy. This in order to protect Chicago police records (misconduct) from destruction. The police records of misconduct stretch back to 1967. There is uncertainty over the police records as numerous police unions have taken action against the City of…

Chicago Police Records over Misconduct Now Available

Admin November 13, 2015
Police Records

After 10 years a new online database has seen the light of day revealing police records over misconduct and policy within the Chicago Police Department. The partnership that has tirelessly striven on the project are The Invisible Institute and the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic at the Chicago Law School. The police records database gives an invaluable insight and report in…

Police Records | 7000 Disappear in Off-the-Books Warehouse

Admin October 22, 2015
Police Records

Police records confirm Chicago Police have “disappeared” over 7,000 people in an interrogation warehouse. This figure is almost double the number of detentions previously put forward. Between August of 2004 and June 2015 almost 6,000 detained in the off-the-books interrogation warehouse were black which proportionately was over twice the city’s population. Only 68 detained were granted access to lawyers and/or…

Police Records Confirm Routine Spying by Law Enforcement

Admin September 29, 2015
Police Records

Chicago: Police records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times confirm The Chicago Police Department routinely spied, within the last 6 years, on activists and associated groups. The spying activities extended to anarchists, anti Olympics protesters, union members, the Occupy movement, Chinese government critics and those demonstrating against NATO. Police records also confirm that this has continued unabated. The Chicago Police Dept…