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University police records within Open Records Law ruling

admin August 6, 2018
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A ruling by a Judge in Utah has Brigham Young University’s police department now subject to Utah’s open records law (subject to appeal). The lawsuit was brought by The Salt Lake Tribune as a result of sexual assault claims at BYU and the university’s response thereafter over a 19 year old (student) rape allegation from 2016. The ruling by Judge Laura…

Commissioner rules Traffic Tickets are Public Records

admin September 20, 2017
Police Records

Vermont’s commissioner for public safety has ruled that Traffic tickets are now public records. Irrespective if a juvenile is named and from the time of issue. This ruling has thwarted efforts by State police to keep the ticket secret and out of reach of public records. The commissioner advised the a civil ticket is deemed a written record procured as…

public access to police records hearing closely monitored

admin November 11, 2016
Police Records

Public access to police records immediately following fatal force is under determination (New Jersey) by The Supreme Court. The case is poised to, once again, put government transparency under the spotlight. Public access to police records is qualified by what obligations law enforcement agencies are under. The main bone of contention is the naming of police officers engaging in fatal…

Police Records check accessed around 2300 times by BYU police

admin October 11, 2016
Police Records

The Utah County Attorney’s Office may well bring criminal charges or sanctions against BYU Police. Alternatively local law enforcement may also consider action. This follows revelations that over an eighteen month period BYU Police carried out a police records check around 2300 times. This has been brought to light by a Public Access Request by The Daily Herald. The BYU…

Law enforcement Database Abused to Stalk Innocent

admin September 30, 2016
Police Records

We originally reported back in March 2016 about how Denver Police were misusing the Law Enforcement Database for personal Gain. However it appears that this abuse is not restricted to Denver. The law enforcement database has been abused across the states to stalk individuals who were entirely unrelated to police investigations. Among those stalked include landlords, potential romantic partners, neighbors…

Police misconduct records hidden confirms public defender

admin June 30, 2016
Police Records

PITTSBURG – Three criminal cases have been thrown in to turmoil due to police misconduct records being hidden. New trials have been requested along with dismissal of convictions. Responsible for secreting the police misconduct records was The Pittsburg Police Dept. Allegations that the records were intentionally withheld come from the Contra Costa Public Defender’s Office. Police now acknowledge documents should…