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NSA Collecting Phone Records Again

Admin July 4, 2019
Phone Records

The American Civil Liberties Union has released documents confirming the NSA collecting phone records in 2017 and 2018. This round of unauthorised harvesting came no more than four months after the NSA deleted over 620 million phone records it had collected since 2015 within the remit of the Foreign Intelligence Service Act (Title V). In respect of the 2018 (February)…

Phone Records Surveillance re Authorised Under FISA Section 702

Admin February 3, 2018
Phone Records

Phone records surveillance, emails and communications to be re authorised under FISA Section 702. This decided (without warrant) in order to collect detail on foreigners. The House of Representatives voted to extend and expand Section 702. It became apparent in 2013 of millions of electronic communications and phone records legally collected by the National Security Agency . Asides from phone records…

Are Cell Phone Text Message Records Public or Private

Admin March 14, 2017
Phone Records

Cell phone text message records falls within the The Public Records Act of North Carolina. Requests by citizens are ever more encompassing of public business. The act details a wide variety of medium including papers, documents, letters, maps, photographs, books, films along with other documentary material. The most recognized requests to local government for paper and email files are fairly…

Phone Records Encryption | Renewed Privacy v Security Debate

Admin November 19, 2015
Phone Records

Intelligence officials both former and current have cited the terrorist attacks in Paris to put forward new and robust surveillance powers. Inclusive the initiative to circumvent encryption that protects phone records and electronic communications. The move is likely to re-open the highly charged debate around privacy v security. While an open public debate over the cell phone records encryption in…

Inmate Phone Records and Calls to Attorneys Recorded

Admin November 16, 2015
Phone Records

Around 70 million Inmate phone records have been compromised setting a precedent in modern day U.S. history. The phone records were secured by The Intercept and the meta data is from Securus based in Dallas, a provider of telephone services in prisons and jails throughout America. The phone records were provided by an anonymous hacker no doubt with concerns over…

Phone Records Collection by NSA Continues Unabated

Admin November 6, 2015
Phone Records

While it’s been a difficult couple of weeks for privacy activists and advocates however the same can’t be said for the NSA surveillance programs. In Maryland a federal district court tossed a lawsuit (ACLU) that challenged the upstream surveillance by the NSA of the internet back bone. Thereafter a preliminary injunction was refused by The Second Circuit Court of Appeals…