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DUI expungement for first time convictions in Michigan

Admin December 30, 2020
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A number of approved bills will encourage eligibility for DUI expungement in Michigan. Those with first time drink drive convictions can now clear their record. Thereafter automatic expungement of a juvenile offence may follow. This follows sweeping changes brought in by Gov. Whitmer. Earlier legislation excludes those who, due to an old driving offense, experience discrimination be it employment or…

Pennsylvania DUI may undermine Second Amendment rights

Admin February 6, 2020
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A Pennsylvania DUI conviction may prohibit the right to owning firearms in Pennsylvania subsequent to a precedent. How high is the bar raised in respect of the level or degree of a crime that bars gun ownership. A serious crime (Federal law) is a crime carrying a two year (or more) sentence in state prison. An individual barred from buying…

DWI Review Sees over 100 Cases Dismissed after Deputy Lied

Admin April 2, 2016
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Wake County: A DWI review has seen in excess of 100 DWI cases dismissed. The cases have been dismissed due to a sheriff’s deputy lying on the witness stand. The deputy in question has now been disqualified. The deputy belonged to the DWI Task Force (witness). The DWI review raised questions of integrity over some cases. As the deputy had…

DUI Test | Criminalizing Refusal Ruled Unconstitutional

Admin February 29, 2016
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Kansas: Supreme Court confirms drivers can’t be prosecuted for a DUI test without a warrant Further to a 6-1 ruling it was found by the court that the DUI test was no more than a search. Defense attorneys have put forward that the DUI refusal law has been somewhat malleable. Drivers often induced in to a guilty plea to avoid…

Minnesota DWI Urine Test Unconstitutional

Admin January 6, 2016
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On Monday The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld that drivers who refuse to yield to a DWI urine test (without warrant) can not be prosecuted. A conviction of a motorist in Steele County was deemed as affecting fundamental rights to be free of unconstitutional searches. The stop that led to the DWI urine test was at closing time in April…

Suspect DUI Checkpoint Fuels Citations

Admin September 23, 2015
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Berwyn Law enforcement officers have raised eyebrows as a result of their actions last Summer and the swollen numbers of citations. Allegations that a DUI checkpoint had been used to stop vehicles without adhering to federal guidelines. A sworn testimony from a member of Berwyn law enforcement points towards officials applying pressure to meet ticket quotas. The DUI checkpoint on…

DUI Checkpoints in Chicago Still have Racial Disparity

Admin September 11, 2015
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After it was revealed that Chicago Police Dept set up DUI checkpoints in communities that were predominantly Latino and African American communities it’s been found that the pattern has continued. From March through August 14 DUI checkpoints were scheduled by Chicago police. Of these checks 9 were within districts of black majority. Another 4 DUI checkpoints were took place in…

DUI Charges in Jeopardy over False Testimony

Admin August 26, 2015
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A Metro officer based in Louisville provided a false testimony in a DUI case confirmed by a judge’s recent order. This potentially jeopardizes dozens of pending DUI charges. In a ruling on 31st July a Jefferson judge stated that the false testimony given by Officer Eberenz is extremely troublesome. She also ruled that the stop wasn’t proper effectively dismissing the…

Around 60 DUI Cases Under Review as Officer Quits

Admin August 23, 2015
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VIRGINIA: The number of DUI cases that are being dropped is rising following an officer quitting. On August 11th charges against ten drivers were dropped. The date prosecutors discovered that Christopher Skinner had resigned from the police. Since then, further DUI cases have now been dropped, another 40 DUI cases are being reviewed in order to decide a way forward…

DUI Patrols Stepped up with Stronger Penalties

Admin July 3, 2015
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Celebrations across Connecticut for July 4th may well be tempered by a tough DUI law which took effect in the week. For people who have to relinquish their license for DUI will require an IID (ignition interlock device) installed to recover their license irrespective if it’s a first offense. Previously Connecticut law enforcement had imposed an IID which was not…