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Should Ventura County Death Records be Available to the Public

Admin January 2, 2020
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Ventura County leaders have agreed to sponsor legislation barring Ventura County death records disclosure/access to the general public. Whether this will have a knock on effect on California State Death Records remains to be seen. California’s open records law however could be seen as retracing it’s steps according to 1st Amendment advocates. The vote by the Ventura county board of…

Forged Death Records Uncovered in Closed Funeral Home Case

Admin May 2, 2019
Death Records

Over the past 5 years Shaun A Reid has found himself embroiled in forged death records, reprimands, investigations. Together with fines culminating in the closure of his business/es. Reid has traded under Shaun A Reid Funeral Services & Memorial Chapel (Washington) and Reid Funeral Home (Dumfries, Virginia) and owes $24,000 after he was discovered to be operating without proper credentials…

Free Death Records Now Online in San Diego County

Admin April 1, 2019
Death Records

Some 22 years of free death records are being released by the medical examiner’s department in San Diego County. The period covered is from 1997 to 2018 (third quarter). This will be by virtue of an online portal database of searchable free death records. There will be more than 59,000 free death records available. These records provide valuable insights and…

Death Records Study Confirm Reversal of Years of Longevity

Admin November 4, 2015
Death Records

A recent study of death records confirm that middle aged whites in America are seeing a rise in death rates. This a surprising reversal suggesting mental health issues and addiction is reversing longevity gains over previous decades. The report centers around data from death records between 1999 through 2013. The reversals are attributed to chronic liver disease, drug abuse and…

Death Records Confirm Painkiller Abuse

Admin October 13, 2015
Death Records

Death records confirm a surge in anxiety medication and pain killer abuse along with the associated dependency in Michigan. Experts put forward that the statistics and truth surrounding death records were exclusive to the families coping daily with this prescription drug epidemic. From 1999 death records confirm death from addiction to opioid and prescription drugs has increased five fold. The…

Government Records Access more Difficult after Court Decision

Admin September 22, 2015
Death Records

This week Virginia Supreme Court protected various materials and execution manuals from public access. This decision has wider implications in respect of public access to a host of government records not related to the death penalty in Virginia. With The decision in many instances local and state officials do not have to comply or release any government records or death…

Death Records Confirm Racism Bad for Health

Admin September 20, 2015
Death Records

A recent study of death records suggests both whites and blacks may improve their mortality should they be more tolerant as opposed to being racially prejudiced. Data from racial attitudes between 1993 through 2002 was examined by researchers. The survey data responses were linked with death records to 2008. This to determine effects of prejudice over mortality. The data spanned…

Death Records Affected by Security Paper Shortage

Admin August 19, 2015
Death Records

The untimely closure of a printing company has left many county clerks state wide anxious over demand. An alternative supplier of the special security paper is being sought but one of the few companies that appears to be able to cope with the demand of birth and death records, along with marriage certificates, is in Canada. Clerks in San Bernardino…

Can Death Records be Hacked via EDR

Admin August 11, 2015
Death Records

Are death records and the EDRS system susceptible to hacking and what are the implications. This in an age where every day hacking of sophisticated encrypted government servers have seen the personal details of around 21 million individuals compromised. So could death records be manipulated and could an individual be legally declared deceased in order to misappropriate their identity. The…

Death Records Confirm Climate Change Dangers

Admin July 15, 2015
Death Records

Death records have recently thrown up interesting yet alarming findings in to wild temperature swings that climate change has brought about. As the earth warms so it becomes more a public risk every day. The elderly are very much at risk with Summer heat waves yet will the more benign winters balance out the statistics. A recent study has indicated…